Love Notes

Some words of endearment from our valued clients. Click on a logo to expand their note.

United States Postal Service

TeleTime’s work on our ‘Marketing in a Down Economy’ campaign was really the catalyst [behind the] ‘Best Creative & Marketing’ first place award that B2B magazine gave us. I have a vivid recollection of the day Harold and I formulated the central idea of using customer case studies presented on DVD as being the most convincing way to communicate the notion that direct mail was an important tool for marketers during a down economy. As TeleTime has done so many times before for us, they identified the companies to use in the cases and got them to agree to tell their stories on film. TeleTime did most of the heavy lifting on what questions needed to be asked of the customers to make their story come to life and produced a very high quality, well edited DVD for the fulfillment.

— Rod DeVar
Director of Advertising
US Postal Service
La Prairie

During my time at Estee Lauder, a span of about 20 years, my department often used TeleTime Video.. We found the company to be professional, knowledgeable, and most important, innovative and willing to take on new challenges in a medium that was not used so universally at the time. Our videos involved multiple complications (and often a limited budget); however, TeleTime demonstrated resourcefulness, patience, and a cheerful, positive outlook at all times which was very much appreciated.TeleTime proved their ingenuity as well. One project involved taping spontaneous interviews and events at a 4-day offsite sales meeting, and editing all night in order to produce a company “news broadcast” every morning that our attendees could view in their hotel rooms before the day’s sessions began. There were few companies that could pull this off successfully as TeleTime did, and it proved to be memorable; our company talked about it for years. Over the years I have recommended TeleTime many times, because of their interest in the customer’s satisfaction. I found them a pleasure to work with.

— Andrea Ford
Director of Training
La Prairie
Jewish National Fund

It’s been a few years since our relationship with TeleTime began and to sum it up; the videos Nan and Harold’s team produced have delivered more in quality, ROI and application than our highest expectations. Our relationship started with a vision relayed by our CEO, and their staff’s skill and creativity allowed that vision to be realized. Our staff in Israel initially had complaints about bringing over a crew from the States [to produce our first project together] although they were all silenced as they experienced TeleTime’s effort on location, out of the box execution and then of course the results.

Since that original video debuted, we were able to multi-purpose the work into 18 different programs. Our experience could be a case study in marketing – we utilized these videos in myriad forms: shown to large and small audiences, hosted online, in banner ads, and now in effective TV commercials. All from a single one-week shoot! It is important that anyone reading this know: not only does TeleTime produce high quality and dramatic work for exceptional value, but it is clear that you care and deliver on all that you say you will.

— Jodi Bodner
Chief Marketing Officer
Jewish National Fund

Harold – you are not simply an entrepreneur for monetary gain but your work includes the advancement of people and our country. I think back when you contacted me with the opportunity to include AT&T on your US Post Office project by discussing our use of targeted mail campaigns to business owners. This came at the beginning of the US financial crisis, a time when there was a genuine concern at the US Postal Service that companies were planning to pull back on mail marketing. Our campaign served as an example to other businesses and hopefully encouraged others to follow our direction. I can tell you that the marketing team had never worked on a project like that before and when it was completed I was proud of our participation.

We also worked on the entrepreneur project which was designed to provide an individual with a step by step process to follow in order to successfully launch a small business. Your work with the SBA on creative and distribution was extremely valuable.
Thank you for being such a trusted and caring partner. You always look for a win – win in campaigns. Sometimes it may be difficult to get the OK from individuals that have never really looked outside the box for opportunities to advertise their company but with your confidence and patience you gently showed the way and it was fun to explore the different ways to BRAND. Your projects were different in that they included the company in a role which showed the true depth of the relationship between the company and the individual. That is a powerful thing, when the individual believes in your company because of the relationship. It takes away gimmicks.

— Fred Siegel
Former Director of Marketing
Business AT&T

I have been teaching Entrepreneurial Education since founding NFTE in 1981 and [TeleTime Video Productions’ Young Entrepreneur series] is clearly the most powerful and important video series I have experienced. It is a ground breaking program that can be used by anyone interested in starting and growing a business. This video will have a life changing effect on hundreds of thousands of young adults around the world.

— Steve Mariotti
Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship

TeleTime did a great job working with us as we represented a client in the public safety field. We had to make a number of changes to our original scope yet they were always accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

— Charles Brennan
Program Manager
Small Business Association

Teletime created a series of videos featuring successful entrepreneurs for the U.S. Small Business Administration. The interviews elicited interesting and informative content about small business success, the video shoots were professional and the post-production work resulted in excellent videos. The videos were not only educational but engaging.

— Laura Fox
Former Director of Marketing
U.S. Small Business Administration
International Myeloma Foundation

Thank you so SO much for sending us your video, “The Ride”. I just finished watching it and it’s brilliant – beautifully told, shot, and edited. The way it captures the emotion and hope is just so moving..

— Susie Novis
International Myeloma Foundation